The 十大最好的网赌平台 女校友 Association is pleased to announce the 2024 女校友 Association Award Winners including the Dewar Gordon Holmes ’26 Distinguished Alumna Award. Please join us in congratulating these alumnae who embody the mission of 十大最好的网赌平台 both professionally and personally.



给阿什利学院的校友 who exhibits outstanding volunteer and community service, 这个奖项是授予芬·卡雷什·赫斯特的, 1964届毕业生. 


Susanne Emge的退休生活一点也不平静. An active resident of Charleston’s Bishop Gadsden (BG) Retirement Community, Susanne was recently nominated by BG for the Leading Age South Carolina Volunteer of the Year Award, 这是一个享有盛誉和当之无愧的认可. Leading Age South Carolina is a membership organization representing 36 not-for-profit and mission-driven senior living providers. 每年, member organizations can submit nominations for awards in five categories, 2022年, BG很高兴推荐Susanne Emge为年度志愿者.

Susanne自2016年以来一直是BG的居民. 很快,苏珊娜就融入了她所在社区的文化. 她有一颗真诚的服务心. 来自BG居民委员会的领导, 包括领导2019年, 2020, 和2021年慈善使命委员会, 担任2022年居民理事会主席, 苏珊娜相信BG的使命.

当她不主持会议时,苏珊娜关注的是人际关系. 从演奏一般娱乐的音乐, 或在BG的辅助教堂服务, 记忆和技能社区, 把新住户介绍给有共同兴趣的人, 她总是为别人着想.

Susanne’s recent pet project is her work on the BG Together Volunteer initiative, 再次提供社区内部的联系, it is clear Susanne is working nearly every day to connect people and create positive outcomes. 专注于与人沟通, 尤其是在困难时期, 是苏珊娜作为一个人和志愿者的核心.

给阿什利学院的校友 who exhibits outstanding achievement in her chosen profession, 这个奖项是授予克兰德尔·克洛斯·鲍尔斯的, 1965届毕业生. 

丽莎·桑德斯,我.D. ’74

Dr. Lisa Sanders is the Medical Director of Yale University’s Long Covid Multidisciplinary Care Center. In addition to her work as a physician and teacher, Lisa writes the popular “Diagnosis” column for 《纽约时报杂志 以及《像医生一样思考》的专栏 纽约时报 博客“The Well”.” Her column was the inspiration for the Fox program House MD (2004-2012) and she served as a consultant to the show. 2010年,丽莎出版了一本名为 《每个病人都有自己的故事:医学之谜与诊断艺术. 2019年,她与the 纽约时报 on an eight-hour documentary series on the process of diagnosis for Netflix. 她最近的一本书是她的专栏的合集,书名是, 诊断:解决最令人困惑的医学谜团.

丽莎的医学之路一点也不传统. As an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary, she majored in English, wrote for 扁平的帽子大学校报. 毕业后,她在美国广播公司《早安美国》找到了一份工作. 不到10年后, 同时为CBS十大最好的网赌平台工作, she won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a breaking news story for coverage of Hurricane Hugo as it slammed into her hometown of Charleston, S.C. 到那时, 桑德斯说, she was ready to move on professionally and decided that of all the subjects she covered as a journalist, 医学对她最感兴趣。. After two years at Columbia University’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program, 丽莎被耶鲁大学医学院录取了. 除了她在医院的时间, Lisa is currently researching clinical decision making and the way diagnostic decisions and errors are made. 她还出版了两本十大网赌平台推荐减肥和食物选择的书, The Perfect Fit Diet: Combine What Science Knows 十大网赌平台推荐 Weight Loss With What You Know 十大网赌平台推荐 Yourself 在2004年和 The Perfect Fit Diet: How to Lose Weight, Keep it Off and Still Eat the Foods You Love in 2005.

给阿什利学院的校友 who has been recognized by her peers for outstanding work in the performing or visual arts, 这个奖项是颁给. 玛莎·里弗斯·英格拉姆,1953届毕业生.

Frances humphreys Roosevelt, 83年


Frances Roosevelt painted as a child and continued as a Studio Art and English Major at The University of Virginia where she graduated with High Distinction in 1977. 利用她的艺术背景, she pursued a career in architecture earning a Master’s in Architecture from The Yale University School of Architecture in 1981 and was the recipient of the Eero Saarinen Award for design excellence. 她在纽黑文凯撒·佩里的办公室里练习建筑, CT, Robert Venturi在费城报道, PA, 查尔斯顿的WG Clark, SC和莱曼·佩里在保利, PA before establishing a private practice in residential design which provided the flexability to raise her family.

在回归全职绘画的这些年里, Frances has participated in group and solo shows at Anglin Smith Gallery and the Corrigan Gallery in Charleston, SC. Her work has also been shown at the Annual Barn Show at Scarlett Thicket Farm in Unionville, PA and at Blue Streak Gallery and Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington, DE.

给阿什利学院的校友, 35岁或以下, 谁亲自和专业地展示了学院的使命, 这个奖项是为了纪念托尼莎·贝尔·奥尔斯顿, Class of 1999 whose life and independent spirit embodied the key pillars of the 十大最好的网赌平台 mission. 

玛丽安娜,我是avant ' 09 

艺术家, 珠宝商, 女性企业家, Mariana “Mini” Hay Avant ’09 is a natural nomination for the Tonisha Bell Alston ’99 Young 女校友 Award. 一长串充满活力的阿什利霍尔女性中的一员, Mini grew up in the jewelry business as the great granddaughter of the founder of Croghan’s Jewel Box.

十年前,米妮推出了自己的珠宝系列, 金甲虫收藏, that celebrates the Charleston Lowcountry lifestyle at an affordable price. 由于她的“虫子”的成功, Mini最近在查尔斯顿开了第一家实体店. 这将为该系列在电子商务领域的成功表现加分.

作为一个艺术专业的学生, 妈妈说, 克罗根的合伙人玛丽安娜·海, 挑战她创造出这个地区独一无二的东西. 结果就是项链, earrings and rings at costume prices that feature Lowcountry-inspired icons like okra, 花生, 灯笼和棕榈叶. Avant further puts an emphasis on engravable items with her own hand-drawn fonts and silhouettes.

The Dewar Gordon Holmes award honors an alumna who has demonstrated dedicated time, 洞察力, 为十大最好的网赌平台提供人才和志愿服务.





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