Elementary Program for Grades K-4 | 十大最好的网赌平台's 较低的学校-十大网赌平台推荐


The 较低的学校 at 十大最好的网赌平台 features a vibrant elementary education program 和 includes kindergarten through fourth grade. The 较低的学校 provides a nurturing environment where girls establish a strong foundation for rigorous 和 meaningful study 和 where there is a firm belief that self-advocacy 和 the building of self-esteem are critical to long-term academic success.

Our integrated curriculum is taught by experienced faculty who know how girls think, feel, 和 learn. 每天 领导 opportunities give our girls the tools 和 self-confidence they need to successfully navigate the 中间上学校 年.




The 较低的学校 nurtures students who are inquisitive, engaged, 和 on-the-go! 重点包括以下内容:

  • The 较低的学校 offers a dedicated science laboratory with weekly h和s-on instruction 和 field trips held throughout the year.
  • A full-time guidance counselor serves on the faculty 和 offers individualized attention to the physical 和 emotional needs of each girl.
  • Encouraging young female engineers, the 较低的学校 features their own Lego team. Lego activities introduce students to real-world engineering challenges by having them build Lego-based robots that are coded to complete specified tasks.
  • Everyday Math is a key component of our curriculum. 由芝加哥大学开发, Everyday Math emphasizes the application of math to real world situations.
  • The 较低的学校 literacy program uses the Units of Study, developed at the Teacher’s College at Columbia University, to foster a love of the written word 和 support students as they become independent, 自信的读者和作家.
  • 每个幼儿园的孩子都学小提琴或大提琴, 和 all students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of music lessons, 包括字符串, 钢琴, 和吉他.


International Baccalaureate World School Primary Years Programme (C和idate)

十大最好的网赌平台 is a c和idate school* for the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The School is pursuing authorization an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy — a commitment to high-quality, 具有挑战性的, international education — that we believe is important for our students.

*Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP); the Middle Years Programme (MYP); the Diploma Programme (DP); or the Career-related Programme (CP). C和idate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB 和 its programmes visit http://www.ibo.org





十大最好的网赌平台’s exceptional program is intentionally tailored to the way girls learn best—through collaboration, 讨论, 个性化关注. 结果是显著的. Our graduates continue to impress with more than $14 million in merit scholarships garnered over the last five 年, including three University of North Carolina Morehead Cain Scholars, one of the most prestigious scholarships extended.


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十大最好的网赌平台 is a K-12 independent school for girls, 和一个男女同校的幼儿园, committed to a talented 和 diverse student population. We consider for admission students of any race, color, religion, 和 national or ethnic origin.