Introducing 十大最好的网赌平台's New Faculty Members | Charleston, SC-十大网赌平台推荐

New Faculty Joining 十大最好的网赌平台 for 2021-2022

21-22 十大最好的网赌平台 New Faculty/Staff | Charleston, SC

今年秋天, 22 new faculty and staff members join 十大最好的网赌平台 with 39 advanced degrees, decades of combined experience and expertise, and a shared passion for outstanding education. We warmly welcome this stellar group of 教育家s into our community.



艾莉森·米勒将从圣. 希尔达的 & St. Hugh’s School in New York City, where she was a junior kindergarten head teacher. 她得了B.S. 幼儿教育学位 from the University of Scranton and a M.S. degree in Reading, Birth-6, from Fordham University. She will serve as a lead primary teacher in our EEC program.


玛丽亚·安德森获得了B.S. degree in Psychology from Columbia Southern University and is an Army veteran. As an Instructional Program Specialist for IAP World Services, she assisted students with after school activities, 技术实验室, 还有课外活动.  


Parker Anne Clement graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Medical Humanities. 


玛丽·格蕾丝·多兰正在追求她的M.S. 幼儿教育学位, PreK-3跟踪, 在田纳西大学, 她也在那里拿到了B.S. 相同专业的学位. 以前, she was a student teacher at Brickey-McCloud Elementary in Knoxville, 田纳西州.

Kyniqua Euland,副教师

Kyniqua Euland brings thirteen years of experience as an early childhood 教育家 and most recently served as a lead teacher and coordinator at the Children’s Discovery Center in Mount Pleasant.


莎拉·劳顿得了B.S. degree in Elementary Education from the College of Charleston and has worked as an assistant teacher at the O’Quinn School of Porter Gaud.


Katlyn Onstott graduated from Charleston Southern University in May of 2021 with a 幼儿教育学位.  


Caroline Roncalli graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South with a B.A. degree in Women and Gender Studies and a minor in Education. 以前, she worked as a teaching assistant for Cowan, 蒙特塔格, and South Pittsburg Elementary Schools in 蒙特塔格, 田纳西州. 



Callie Hall will serve as a teacher for second grade. 她正在追求她的M.A.T. degree from the University of South Carolina with a specialization in Reading and Literacy and received her B.S. 幼儿教育学位 from the College of Charleston. 以前, she taught at Charleston’s Pinehurst Elementary.


艾米丽·马图斯从圣. Andrew School in Chicago, where she was a reading specialist and second grade teacher. 她得了B.A. degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Development from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, and her Master’s in Reading degree from DePaul University. 她将担任幼儿园教师.



Ashley Downes is a familiar face at 十大最好的网赌平台, having served as a long-term substitute in our 较低的学校. Having previously taught at Lehrman Community Day School in Miami, 佛罗里达, Ashley will be joining us as our sixth grade science teacher. 她得了B.S. in Child and Family 科学s at 佛罗里达 State University and her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.


凯尔西·泰茨沃斯获得了B.A. 在英语中,M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Reading, 和M.A.T. in Teaching, Secondary English Education, from the University of Virginia. 以前, she was a middle school humanities teacher at the Collegiate School in Richmond and will serve as 十大最好的网赌平台’s fifth grade humanities teacher.


卢克·博纳姆博士. D.,法国

Dr. Luc Bonhomme joins us as a French teacher after previously teaching upper school French at St. Marks School in Southborough, Massachusetts. At the University of South 佛罗里达, he received a B.A. 在国际关系和文学硕士.A. 法国文学. 他的米.A. 法语和博士.D. in Francophone Literature and Cinema were awarded by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Tuyen Phan,物理和数学

Tuyen Phan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. degree in Applied 科学, Biomedical Engineering, a M.S. 生物医学工程学士学位,硕士学位.S. 中等教育学位. She previously was a math and physics teacher at Thalun International School in Myanmar and will serve as both a physics and math teacher at 十大最好的网赌平台.


内森·史密斯作为一名数学老师加入十大网赌平台推荐. 以前 a math and physics instructor at St. John’s Country Day School in Orange Park, 佛罗里达 , he received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.

恩典温菲尔德, 高中副校长, 学术支持主任, 和数学, 科学, 及科技部主任

恩典温菲尔德 has been appointed the Math, 科学, 及科技部主任 and 高中副校长. 在加入十大最好的网赌平台之前, she was an upper school mathematics teacher and department chair at Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, 宾西法尼亚. 她得了B.A. 和M.Ed. degrees in Math Education from the University of Delaware and deep experience in working with students to maximize their potential. Grace’s major work focus will be directed towards student academic support. 


理查德·博达斯和玛格丽特·凯利·库克, Voice Studies Program Directors

理查德·博达斯和玛格丽特·凯利·库克, 世界著名的艺术家和音乐教育家, will serve as the Directors of 十大最好的网赌平台’s Voice Studies Program. 

Ricard will direct the 上学校 choral classes and ensembles. 导体, 男声最高音, 教育家, 格莱美提名, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London and has conducted choirs and chamber groups in the United States, 西班牙, 和英国. He is currently Assistant Professor of Music at Charleston Southern University, Artistic Director of the Bach Society of Charleston, Director of Choral Music at First (Scots) Presbyterian Church in Charleston, Artistic Director of the Charleston Men’s Chorus, and a writer for the Spanish classical magazine Revista Musical Catalana. 

Margaret will oversee the vocal studio and will also instruct the private vocal lessons. 她得了Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance degree from Oberlin College and completed the postgraduate opera course at the Royal College of Music in London. An active participant on the concert stage, Cook has appeared as a guest soloist throughout England and Europe and locally with the Charleston Chamber Music Society, 查尔斯顿交响乐团, 以及南卡罗来纳爱乐乐团. Margaret is highly regarded as one of the lead vocal instructors in Charleston.

Flora Nevarez, Strings Program Coordinator

Flora Nevarez will be 十大最好的网赌平台’s Strings Program Coordinator. She joins us from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, 她目前正在攻读博士学位.D. 音乐教育/弦乐方法论, 辅修小提琴演奏, and where she has served as an associate instructor. She received a Bachelor of Music from Western Washington University, a Master of Music in String Performance from the University of Akron, and a Master of Music in Violin Performance and String Pedagogy from the University of Louisville.

Aimee Phelan-Deconinck, 表演艺术 Coordinator/Dance

Aimee Phelan-Deconinck has studied with the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance and the School of American Ballet and has international experience in performance and communications. Most recently, she was part of Dance Moves of Charleston. 她得了B.A. in Speech Communications and Drama from Marymount College and her M.F.A. 哥伦比亚大学. Aimee will be our 表演艺术 Coordinator/Dance.


Christian Alcantara, Assistant Athletics Director

Christian Alcantara has been appointed Assistant Athletic Director. 他得了B.S. degree in Finance from Long Island University and his M.A.T. 来自Point Loma拿撒勒大学. 以前, he was a physical education teacher in the Dripping Springs, Texas Independent School District and the College Director and Elite Clubs National Coach for the Rebel Soccer Club in Chula Vista, 加州.


Jon Perkins,全球教育协调员

Jon Perkins joins us as 全球教育 Coordinator. An experienced foreign service officer and analyst specializing in East Asia, he has served as a Course Director and Lead Instructor at the Sherman Kent School, 中央情报局的大学. 他获得了M学位.A. degree in International Studies from the University of Washington and his B.A. in Comparative Politics and History from Bowdoin College. Jon is part of a proud 十大最好的网赌平台 family: his wife is alumna Caroline Perkins, 1991届毕业生, his daughter Elizabeth is a member of the 2024届毕业生, and his daughter Catherine is joining the class of 2027.


十大最好的网赌平台 is a K-12 independent school for girls, 和一个男女同校的幼儿园, committed to a talented and diverse student population. We consider for admission students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.